He’s Hungry, He’s Frugal, He’s Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants

Lately, he's been on this amazing “financial freedom” roll. He comes home excited about a podcast he heard or a way to save more. The excitement is contagious and I am soaking up everything he tells me as best as I possibly can. See, numbers and I are not the greatest of friends. I love to write and read or paint and sew but ask me to organize numbers and I begin to get sleepy and lose interest fast! 

Thankfully, my twin flame, Alexis loves this kind of stuff...you know, math! Seeing him plan for our retirement and showing me ways we can save has been kind of sexy, to be honest. Until today, at the grocery store, when a mix of his hunger and frugalness made an appearance and I lost it laughing in aisle 10! Have we gone too far?

It all really began about a month ago. We started cutting back on so many things...things we really didn't need and were wasting money on.

Alexis canceled his gym membership (the one he had for 2 years and never step foot in) and spotify, his music subscription. I canceled netflix, audible and a box subscription that on their own weren't that expensive but when we started adding things up...woah! How much did we spend? 

Saving and cutting back became kind of like a game for us.

We would call each other during the day to tell one another how we had made a wiser purchase decision or avoided spending extra money! It has been great and seeing how much we are saving is amazing. Especially when we know that now this money is going into the new higher interest earning savings account we opened and into our retirement fund!

So, when did Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants show up? This morning, at the grocery store.

We decided to ride bike over to Jaya's soccer practice and then to pick up a few items from the supermarket near by. Alexis mentions how great it is that we are exercising and saving on gas! Agreed! It is wonderful and its eco-friendly! Win win win! Our little hippie tribe is flowing and I am digging how this day is unfolding.

bike ride
Weekend bike ride to the local market.

We enter the grocery store and I grab a cart. Jaya jumps on the scale to weigh himself and as we make our way back to Alexis we meet Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants who quickly states, “We don't need a cart! Let's just stick to what we need.” 

This guy is on a mission. He will not be coerced into buying things we don't need or items with fancy packaging.

Not today consumerism and smart marketing ploys! Not today! 

Frugal shopping
Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants ready to shop.

I smile politely at my grumpy little love bug and keep moving. I'm looking around and wondering what yummy new things are available when I hear, “It's not on the list!” I haven't even reached for an item. Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants is watching me and he somehow knows that I am considering putting those delicious looking vegan cookies in our cart.

Has his new found frugalness allotted him the ability to read minds?

I push the cart along and try to keep Jaya from grabbing every fruit in sight! At this point the thought of all of the oranges rolling onto the floor isn't as bad as having Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants come over and tell us to slow our roll with the fruit! 

In aisle five, I hear, “No need to look at the greeting cards! You have plenty of paper and art supplies at home. Just make one!”

In aisle 7, he asks “Do we still care about GMOs? Let’s just eat some! They are way less expensive!”

Aisle 9 brings “We need toilet paper. Wait, I'll go! I will find the better buy!”

I decide somewhere around aisle 10 that I need to speak up. I sense that my normally zen tempered lover might be hungry and that his new alter ego has gotten the best of him. I point out that I need to be who I am and buy all the fruit. 

He mumbles something that I cannot decipher. I then spot a sleep mask and ask him if he'd like for me to wear it for the rest of our shopping trip.

We lose it laughing as he shouts “YES!”

There he is! My sweet, silly, peaceful lover! I have broken through Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants' ice cold heart and found Alexis again. I happily put the sleep mask on and we laugh even harder. Jaya thinks it’s great that mama cannot see and says, “Mama is crazy!”

I hand a bannana, that we just bought, to each of my boys and say “Eat this quickly!”, as we exit. Alexis is back and Jaya is dancing in the cart. All is aligned again. 

Mr. Grumpy Frugalpants is gone...for now. We have returned to listening to fun finance podcasts and creating happy memories on this lovely Saturday morning!

Lesson learned: never go to the grocery store “hangry”. 

Have you cut back on your spending? Let us know your best money saving tip below!



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