How We Named Our Homeschool

I’ve been thinking about what name to give our homeschool since we started the homeschool journey. If I am being honest, the thought has even kept me up on occasion. I wanted it to be something meaningful and true to who we are and what we represent. After all, this will go on his high school diploma!

I wanted something that represented everything we want to teach our son and everything he would teach us. Names would come and go but nothing ever felt right.

What name do you give to something that you want to give all of your best to? What do you call a school that prioritizes teaching kindness, compassion, loving one another, peace and honesty? A school that praises individuality and supports all dreams no matter how small or big they may be?

It felt like a tall order. 

Then today, after months of thinking about it, it came to me in the most simplest of ways. I closed my eyes and placed my hand over my heart, in the same way that I pray in the morning and at night, and I said,

Universe, you have trusted me to guide one of your children. This is my most important work. I have heard your calling to homeschool and will do whatever I can to serve you and Jaya. I come to you to ask what name you have given us?

It wasn’t long, not even a minute, before the words, “La Luz Academy” came to mind and that’s how our homeschool got its name.

I knew the second I heard it that it was perfect for us.

Children are born with this pure bright light. You can see it in all of them. It’s untainted. They share it with everyone and anyone. They understand when someone needs more of it and will shower you with kindness and love at the thought that your light isn’t shining as bright. I have seen it time and time again. We were all born with it. If we are lucky, we grow up holding on to that light and we share it with everyone we cross paths with. 

There is nothing more that I want on this Earth than for my son to shine his light into the world all of his days. I know life will offer him lessons, some that may dull the shine but I do hope to teach him that no matter what, no matter how deep in the dark he is...his light can always pull him out and show him the way home to peace. 

Later in the day it occurred to me that our airstream is also named Luz. We asked Jaya what we should name our travel trailer when he was about 2 years old and without hesitation he replied “Luz”, a name he had never heard before. If I’m being honest, I didn’t like it very much at first. I asked him several times if he was sure this was the right name and he always replied, “Yes!”

airstream travel trailer
Our Airstream, Luz

We were standing under a mango tree, the day was bright and there was a light breeze blowing. He played next to the airstream without a care in the world while I stood there staring at it thinking, “Luz. I guess that is it. I guess we will be living in light.”

It was at that exact moment that I realized it was the perfect name. 

We will live in Luz and we will learn how to share more of the light that this world so desperately needs at “La Luz Academy”. The three of us are all members of this school. We will learn together how to be better for each other, how to serve others, how to see the love and light in all the people we come across and how to stand united in being the change. 

As you embark on your homeschooling journey, trust that the right name will come to you too!

Jot down words that align with your values and beliefs and ask your children for ideas. At the end of the day, I invite you to find a quiet place where you feel connected, place your hand over your heart and ask for guidance.


May whatever name you give your homeschool be of special meaning and encompass all that you want to teach your children and learn from them along the way!

We would love to hear what you named your homeschool and why! Please let us know in the comments below.

child coloring in homeschool
La Luz Academy Homeschool


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