Is this a sign?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

It's no secret, amongst those that know me personally, that I am big on signs. I ask for them often and love when they magically appear and sooth any fears or doubts that I might be having. So, it just naturally makes sense that I would ask for a sign about selling everything we own and moving into a camper, but I didn't expect for these signs to show up so quickly or the way they did.

On this journey to living with less and hitting the road we have also become very frugal and aware of our spending. I guess living with less and saving money go hand in hand? One evening, in an effort to save more before we embark and begin to let go of things, I suggested to Alexis that we sell my car, a 2013 mini cooper, and only use his truck. Fortunately, Alexis' employer provides him with a company car and selling mine would save us about $500 a month! It seemed like a no brainer! We didn't get into many details that night other than that we would find some time during the week to review that idea again.

The next day, on the way to taking Jaya to daycare, my car shut I was driving! The motor just stopped. Luckily, I was not on a busy street and able to pull over quickly. I sat there in disbelief. How would that have ended had I been on a highway? After the shock went away, I wondered about the timing of this unfortunate situation. I had just spoken to Alexis about selling the car the night before.

Was this a confirmation? I wasn't sure. I would have to ask for another sign! Universe, send me something clear!

The following day, I took Jaya to the park. At the playground, we saw some of our usual friends and then some new kids came in. I couldn't help but notice that these children were very different, in a good way. Most of them came in on skateboard, including one that must have been no more than 4 years old. The smallest of the tribe, a 16 month old, was barefoot and giggling as one of her older siblings helped her down the slide. Soon, a man appeared and struck up a conversation with me. I asked him if these were his kids and he responded with, “Yes! All ten of these are mine!” My second question was, “Where are you from?” to which he cheerfully responded, “We are from Montana but do you see that camper parked across the street? That's our home. We live on the road!”

My jaw literally dropped staring at the 35' camper across the street! Once that shock wore off, I laughed...a lot! Here was this stranger, living on the road with his wife and 10 children, telling me that I could do this too and that he's never regretted a day of being on the road with his family.

A confirmation to me that the Universe is conspiring with us and that we can all manifest our wildest dreams.

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