Manifesting a life we love

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

On the road to living with less, saving money and spending more time together!

1964 Mobile Scout rv
Camping trip in Eleanor, our 1964 Mobile Scout

We had been talking about this for years...what if we just sold everything, moved into our travel trailer and lived on the road? At first, it was a conversation that we would frequent once or twice a month when the pressures of the rat race were at its peak. Soon these conversations started happening weekly, followed by some research or by watching a youtube video on how other people were living this dream of ours.

Having our son Jaya put things into perspective for us. We are both working full time and trying to balance our busy lives. Sometimes, it feels impossible. There is never enough time and it seems like we can't give 100% to any of the roles we have. Our relationship weakened at one point and we saw ourselves in a place we didn't want to be in, disconnected. Something had to change. Deep down inside we both knew it but as you know, change can be scary. The thought of selling most of our belongings and leaving behind the only way of life we have known is nerve racking...and also really damn exciting.

Our weekly conversations have become daily ones! This idea of living with less and living on the road has ignited a fire in both of us now. It isn't just about leaving the rat race.

It is about staying connected to things that really matter, experiencing life before it's over and teaching our son to always follow his heart, no matter how afraid he is.

There is so much comfort in this life that we are living. Simply put, it is safe. However, our hearts are calling for us to go. I can't explain it and I know not everyone understands why we are doing this. I just know that as difficult as it is, its just something we have to do and we have to trust.

We have been working together, staying up late to plan, making goals and in the process have connected again in a deeper way. Alexis has become a pro at making spreadsheets and I make weekly “to do” lists to keep us on track.

We don't have all the answers or everything figured out just yet but we are excited, grateful and looking forward to peace, love and adventures on the road with our Little Hippie Tribe!


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