Motherhood: Breathing Love and Light Into Our Children

I woke up one night with these words on my mind,

Magic Mama, you are raising the change that this world desperately needs.

t-shirt with magic mama
Magic Mama Tee

I laid there thinking about all of us, the Magic Mamas, who breathe love and light into our children. 

The ones who understand that they have come to us, but are not ours to keep. The ones who recognize that we were chosen to guide them on their journey and in doing so, we must rise up on ours. The ones who believe in the secret language of the Universe and teach it to our little ones every chance we get. The ones who rise with the sun and sing with the moon. 

I thought about all of the Magic Mamas who collectively make efforts to raise the change, not just be it.

T-shirt with Raising The Change
Raising The Change Tee

Those that are teaching that love always prevails, that kindness goes a long way, that doing what is right will never be wrong, that taking care of Mother Earth is a priority and that peace and happiness is usually found on the journey within.

To all of the Magic Mamas that are raising the change everyday,

Thank You and Happy Mother’s Day! 

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