Top 3 things I have learned since we downsized to 900 sq ft

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

About a month of living in our new home and none of us have killed each other far, so good! We are still adjusting to smaller space living. I came into this home with the expectation that we would all adjust perfectly and everything would be fine, after all isn't it our goal to live our 200 sq ft airstream safari? That hasn't been the case though for all of us and the past two weeks have been eye opening to say the least.

Here are the top three things I have realized since we downsized...

1. First came the realization that although I have given away and sold SO many things, we still have too much stuff! On day two, I decided to not unpack all the boxes and dedicated one room to all of the boxes that would remain closed. If we can do without that stuff for the next few months, then it isn't going to make it into the airstream anyway! The truth is that now that room is causing me some anxiety because it's pretty much FULL of boxes. I spent most of this year “letting go” of things and now I'm looking at round two? Yeah...not sure how I feel about this.

2. The second realization is that this new small space comes with big cabin fever for a growing boy! Jaya doesn't have the same play space as he did before. In our 1900 sq ft home he ran around (literally) from one side to the other and had play spaces tucked in every corner. Now, he's mostly playing in our tiny living room and for some odd reason ignoring “his room” which has a few of his toys in there too. So, daily outings are a must! I try to incorporate an early morning and afternoon outdoor activity but if you know Miami weather in the summer, you know that the day can go from “Wow! It's gorgeous out!” to “Is this a category 5 hurricane?” in a matter of minutes. The key is to be prepared and so far...I'm not. So, there is lots of restlessness coming from my little boy and loud singing and throwing of objects and trying to ride our dog like he's a horse!

3. The third realization is that I love it, even though it's more of a challenge now. Since we have two unused rooms (the box room and Jaya's room) it's almost like we are living in a 1 bedroom 1 bath home. In the morning we all cram into the bathroom and giggle as we try to avoid elbowing each other while we brush our teeth. When Jaya falls asleep, he's no more than 10-15 steps away from us and I don't have to run upstairs, like I did before, if he wakes up and calls for me. Side note: I definitely don't miss having stairs!

Small living forces me to go outside and seek new adventures.

So far, I have made new mama friends at the local library, got invited to a play date, discovered an awesome skate park and have considered starting a co-op for other like minded mamas who are home schooling their little ones too!

Small living is taking me out of my comfort zone and pushing me out the door (quite literally). I can only imagine what's awaits us in 200 sq ft! Looking forward to that but loving the present moment with my little hippie tribe.


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